Streamlining Technology For Rapid Expansion

BACKGROUND Our client, a national restaurant chain with over 160 locations, had ambitious plans to open 30 additional locations in 2024. As the company prepared for this rapid expansion, it faced challenges in managing multiple technology solutions and providers across its existing locations.   PROBLEM With each new store opening, our client navigated a complex web of […]

Revitalizing Legacy Systems

BACKGROUND Our client is a food manufacturing company providing products for well-known consumer packaged goods brands as well as chain restaurants and delivery service meals. Their operations require the integration of IOT devices and production equipment into their ERP systems to service over 4 warehouse-production locations and 400+ employees. The includes manufacturing traceability and product […]

Supporting A Highly Dispersed Workforce

BACKGROUND Our client, an international Labour Union, provides services to 5,500 members as well as training facilities supporting 1,000 full time students, 2,000 continuing education, and 150 faculty. The client was faced with technology adoption challenges with a large population having little to no technical expertise.   PROBLEM The Union’s members, instructors, and students are […]

Ransomware Data Recovery

BACKGROUND Our client, an accounting firm, faced a severe ransomware attack that left their operations at a standstill. Critical data encrypted by the attack included financial records, client information, and proprietary data. The firm’s existing IT infrastructure and security measures were unable to prevent or mitigate the attack, leading to significant operational and reputational damage. […]

Providing Leadership Through Change

BACKGROUND Our client, a 25-location non-profit entity with a budget exceeding $50M, had grown through amalgamation with other entities. The organization provides various services to its clients and has a large staff and volunteer base of over 500 people.   PROBLEM The Non-Profit was facing several IT challenges: Aging hardware Technical debt Lack of IT […]

Integration Driven Documentation

BACKGROUND Our client, a large construction conglomerate with a $1B valuation, encompasses multiple companies specializing in construction technology, equipment, andservices. Over the years, the company has grown through the acquisition and sale of companies within its portfolio. It has over 1,200 employees globally.   PROBLEM Companies were frequently being acquired and divested, making it crucial […]

Supporting Critical Logistics Systems

BACKGROUND Our Food-Tech client, is a rapidly growing food manufacturing and logistics company with 24×7 operations throughout Southern Ontario and 750 employees. The organization has over 50 trucks picking up product daily for delivery to the market. Any interruption in logistics, production, or warehouse technology can result in cascading issues for the company and staff, […]

Azure Cost Optimization

BACKGROUND​ Our client is a leading provider of innovative storage and logistics solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries. The company specializes in optimizing warehouse operations through cutting-edge technology and efficient storage systems. With a focus on maximizing space utilization, enhancing productivity, and ensuring safety, they offer a comprehensive suite of products and services […]

HPC Can Be Optimized! A KTI Approach

BACKGROUND KTI’s client, A global pharmaceutical company (the “client”) that specializes in the research and development of new drugs relies heavily on high-performance computing (HPC) to simulate and analyze large amounts of data.   CHALLENGE The client had an in-house HPC environment, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage and maintain. The system was […]

Atomic Golf: Where Entertainment Meets the Green

Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, right next to the iconic STRAT Hotel and Casino, Atomic Golf stands as the newest gem on the vibrant Strip. But what makes Atomic Golf a must-visit destination for both locals and tourists alike?  Atomic Golf isn’t just your typical golfing experience—it’s a whole new world of entertainment […]