Azure Cost Optimization


Our client is a leading provider of innovative storage and logistics solutions, catering to a diverse range of industries. The company specializes in optimizing warehouse operations through cutting-edge technology and efficient storage systems. With a focus on maximizing space utilization, enhancing productivity, and ensuring safety, they offer a comprehensive suite of products and services including warehouse design, shelving and racking systems, material handling equipment, and inventory management solutions.​​



Our client was experiencing significant challenges in managing their Azure cloud costs effectively. Despite leveraging Azure’s comprehensive cloud services to drive business innovation and efficiency, the client was facing unexpected and inflated expenses that were impacting their financial performance. There was no clear strategy or designated ownership of the IT systems.

  • Lack of Cost Visibility: Lacked detailed insights into usage and associated costs.
  • Unused and Underutilized Resources: Resources that were no longer needed or were underutilized were often left running.
  • Inefficient Scaling: Clients’ scaling strategies did not efficiently match resource allocation with demand.​​


KTI performed a deep analysis of the client’s Azure expenditure, identified cost gaps, and implemented effective cost optimization strategies.

In order to attain success, KTI implemented the following actions:

  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of the client’s Azure environment.
  • Establish a baseline for current spending and resource utilization.
  • Identify key cost drivers and areas of inefficiency.​
  • Implement rightsizing strategies to adjust resource allocations to actual demand.​
  • Analyze usage patterns to identify over provisioned and underutilized resources.
  • Evaluate potential benefits of reserved instances & other Azure discount programs.
  • Assist in purchasing and managing reserved instances and hybrid use benefits.​
  • Use automation to shut down or scale down resources during off-peak hours.​
  • Adjust strategies based on evolving usage patterns and business needs.​
  • Stay updated with Azure’s new features and pricing to leverage further savings.​

KTI’s services assisted the client in achieving the following:​

  • Reduced Azure Costs: Achieved a significant reduction in unnecessary expenses through effective rightsizing and optimization.
  • Enhanced Financial Predictability: Improved the client’s ability to forecast and budget for Azure costs accurately.
  • Sustained Cost Management: Ensured continuous improvement and adaptation to new challenges and opportunities in Azure cost management.


Through the implementation of these strategies, KTI Technologies successfully optimized the client’s Azure costs, resulting in a substantial 32% reduction in overall expenditure. The client is extremely pleased and satisfied with the project’s outcome. They are eager to reallocate the savings to other projects, reflecting their confidence in KTI’s ability to deliver impactful cost-saving solutions. The client’s positive experience underscores KTI’s reputation for excellence and effectiveness in cost management.