Extensible & Flexible Managed IT Services

Kearns Technology Inc. (KTI) is a managed IT services company and hardware supplier.  

We started in the living room of a small house in 2010 and have since grown into a province-wide concern with network technicians, IT consultants, cyber security experts and analysts. Our staff is diversified and decentralized but we work together virtually to export our business connectivity and best practices to our clients.

Extensible IT Service means our solutions can be extended and easily expanded to increase its usefulness without rewriting lots of code or changing the architecture. Our extensible systems provide the tools and technology to help your administrators reach new levels of efficiency. 

Flexible IT Service is all about choice. It’s about defining the best way for our team to deliver IT as a service to your enterprise, and the optimum way your people can utilize technology. 


Our Clients

Some of Canada’s most nimble and efficient companies have chosen KTI to connect their office networks and safeguard their virtual resources and real-life prosperity.

IT Managed Services

KTI services and support on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud IT suites and provides coverage for AWS , Microsoft Windows Servers Office 365, SharePoint, and more.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

KTI’s average response time is under thirty minutes, and we’ve met one hundred percent of our client SLAs in the last two quarters.

Governance & Policy Support

Every client receives a dedicated portal for real-time incident, ticket, and request management reporting for Governance and Auditing purposes. This allows KTIto spot patterns and improve troubleshooting.

Flexible Billing Models

KTI’s flexible billing can adapt to your cash flow and payment cycles which allows our services to be procured in the way that best suits your organizational needs.

Communication Plan

We our clients informed through regularly scheduled check ins and strategy meetings where we develop plans that are cost-effective to match your support needs.

24/7 Support

Available by phone, email or ticketing portal, our in-house support team is educated on what is mission-critical to your operations.

What is Managed IT Services?

  • Desktop virtualization
  • Device Management
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Emergency Recovery
  • Full time and part time technology staff augmentation
  • Help Desk
  • IT security and compliance services
  • Network services
  • On-premise and Remote Backup & Storage
  • Quarterly Account & Business Reviews
  • Server virtualization
  • Service management
  • SLA Driven Support
  • Technical service desk / help desk services


Our Partners

You're in good company.

Data Centre

To realize the biggest advantages, a true digital transformation requires modern, agile infrastructure as a foundational platform.  Moving work to the cloud enables innovation. KTI helps balance value with risk at every step of your Data Centre strategy. With over eleven years experience managing and supporting Data Centers, we know best how to protect, adapt, and scale your ecosystem.

IT Security

KTI proactively identifies and eliminates cybersecurity risks so your team can operate with confidence. We assess risk potentials and deploy Tier 1 vendor support as we help develop and implement infrastructure and data centre solutions that will scale to meet your business needs as your organization grows.

Adaptive Office Solutions

KTI blends legacy with modern appliances while supporting a virtualized, distributed, composable and hybrid IT environment. Your data center lifecycle needs solutions that span physical and virtual infrastructure, business continuity, and networking. Existing mission critical components are prioritized to ensure seamless transitions.

Extensible Solutions

Build flexible infrastructure with the capacity to seamlessly support simple and quick upgrades that will help sustain rapid growth and performance. KTI offers modular systems which let businesses conveniently address and adapt to changing business conditions without major disruptions.

Technology Consultant

KTI offers 720-degree IT technology consulting. We wrap around your office two times.

What is Below OS security?

Below the operating system security includes data center management and IT service.

Hardware shields can lock down memory in the BIOS against firmware attacks to enforce a secure boot at the hardware level.


Above the Operating System security features including designing, building and maintaining distributed applications.

720 degrees - IT Consulting lets you see around corners.

What is your digital journey?

The digital journey is the path your organization travels to leverage and integrate new technologies and digital channels. KTI strategizes your digital journey to save you time and maximize digital efficiencies and cost saving.

As your digital custodian, we view your business environment, business culture, regulatory and governance requirements, your human capital investments and your current technology investment to plot a clear and prudent digital path forward.

Business Transformation

Drive cost efficiency through actionable counsel to drive business transformation.

Ensure high technology ROI by consulting with our experts who work closely with you in helping you transform into a truly customer- and citizen-centric digital enterprise.

We offer several services to help you through your digital journey:

  • CTO-at-large services
  • Employee Training and support on new technologies
  • Human capital support and staff augmentation
  • Workflow audits and analysis
  • Technical audits and assessments
  • Project management, leveraging Agile and Lean 6 Sigma methodologies
  • Application design, development and integration.