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Kearns Technology and X-Net Partner to Deliver Cutting-Edge Connectivity at Glastonbury Festival

Festival goers at Glastonbury Festival

Kearns Technology Inc. (KTI) and X-Net have partnered to bring secure and reliable internet connectivity to the iconic Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom. This initiative promises to enhance the festival experience for artists, setting a new standard for backstage connectivity at major events.

Bridging the Digital Divide at Glastonbury

The Glastonbury Festival, held annually at Worthy Farm in Somerset, England, is renowned for its eclectic lineup and massive crowds. However, the festival’s remote location has always posed significant challenges for reliable internet connectivity. This year, thanks to the innovative efforts of KTI and X-Net, those challenges are being met head-on.

A Powerful Partnership

Kearns Technology Inc., based in Canada, brings its expertise in managed IT services, network connectivity, and cloud solutions to the table. Known for their rapid response times and innovative approach, KTI has a strong track record of delivering flexible and extensible IT solutions across North America. X-Net, a UK-based technology company, complements KTI’s skills with its local expertise and experience in providing high-speed internet and mobile network solutions for large-scale events. Their knowledge of the UK tech landscape and regulatory environment proved invaluable to the project.

The Vision Behind the Collaboration

When Fractal approached KTI with a unique request to develop a proof of concept (POC) for secure and reliable connectivity at Glastonbury, KTI’s CEO saw an opportunity to showcase the company’s capabilities on an international stage. Recognizing the need for a local partner, KTI reached out to X-Net to create a robust solution that could meet the festival’s complex requirements.

Crafting the Solution

The project, completed in just four weeks, showcased the combined strengths of both companies. KTI led the development of the technology stack, leveraging their expertise in secure, scalable IT infrastructure. X-Net contributed their knowledge of local regulations and experience with large-scale event connectivity, ensuring the solution would meet all UK standards.

Proof of Concept Glastonbury
Proof of Concept starting its journey in Toronto, Canada
Overcoming Logistical Hurdles

One of the most critical aspects of the project was the seamless export of equipment from Canada to the UK. KTI’s CEO personally oversaw this process, ensuring that all necessary documentation was in order and coordinating with customs officials. Thanks to this hands-on approach, the equipment cleared customs in just two days, a remarkable achievement given the tight timeline.

X-Net Director Gordon Fong with KTI POC
After traveling 3520 miles our POC arrives safely in the United Kingdom with X-net Director Gordon Fong
Ensuring Seamless Connectivity

Throughout the festival, both KTI and X-Net will provide on-site and remote support. KTI’s team will manage the core infrastructure and provide technical expertise, while X-Net will handle local coordination and on-the-ground support.
A New Era for Event Connectivity
The successful deployment of this POC at Glastonbury marks a significant milestone in event connectivity. By combining KTI’s innovative IT solutions with X-Net’s local expertise, the partnership has set a new benchmark for secure and reliable internet at large-scale events.

Looking to the Future

As the festival unfolds, the impact of this collaboration will be felt by artists. The partnership between KTI and X-Net not only addresses the immediate needs of Glastonbury but also paves the way for future innovations in event connectivity. With KTI’s track record of delivering flexible IT solutions and X-Net’s experience in event-based networking, this collaboration promises to be the first of many groundbreaking projects in the field of event technology. In conclusion, the partnership between Kearns Technology Inc. and X-Net demonstrates the power of combining international expertise with local knowledge. As Glastonbury Festival continues to captivate audiences, the seamless connectivity provided by this collaboration will undoubtedly enhance the experience, making this year’s festival a testament to the potential of innovative partnerships in the tech industry.