Providing Leadership Through Change


Our client, a 25-location non-profit entity with a budget exceeding $50M, had grown through amalgamation with other entities. The organization provides various services to its clients and has a large staff and volunteer base of over 500 people.



The Non-Profit was facing several IT challenges:

  • Aging hardware
  • Technical debt
  • Lack of IT support
  • Security vulnerabilities

The organization was facing difficulties keeping up with the latest technological advancements, hindering their ability to effectively serve their clients. They were operating in a triage mode, only addressing the most pressing issues to keep their operations going.



The Non-Profit partnered with KTI and engaged in our Virtual Chief Information Office vCIO offering. The vCIO developed an IT strategy that aligned acutely with the organization’s desired goals and objectives. The vCIO managed an RFP process for Managed IT services, resulting in:

  • Increased stakeholder accountability
  • A new communication strategy for the IT team
  • Regular scrums
  • A company security strategy
  • Migration to Microsoft 365 and eliminating servers

The vCIO services provided by KTI significantly improved the Non-Profit’s IT infrastructure and operations, resulting in a 60% reduction in service desk incidents. Old technology and technical debt were largely eliminated within 6 months, and new IT policies managed shadow IT. The organization was able to upgrade outdated technology, implement security measures and training, and eliminate phishing attempts and spam, protecting their data and assets.



Overall, KTI’s virtual CIO services helped the NonProfit improve their IT operations, increase efficiency, and better serve their clients.