The 6 Major Managed IT Services Benefits

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Managing your technology is a necessary but time-consuming process. As a business owner, you already have so much on your plate, the last thing you need is to struggle with your tech – and this is especially difficult if you’re not the most tech-savvy. And therein lie the benefits of managed IT services: never again having to worry about your technology.


What Is the Importance of Managed IT Services

With the right managed services provider (MSP), you can totally relieve yourself and your business of your technology management burden.

The managed IT services benefits don’t end there, however, as they can also implement improvements to your network, hardware, and software that can increase productivity.

We don’t have room to list all the managed IT services benefits in this piece. It’s also worth mentioning that the specific benefits to your business will also vary depending on industry, your business’s current IT infrastructure, how much you’re willing to invest in your tech, etc.

Generally, however, the vast majority of businesses will be able to leverage these managed services advantages:

  • Easier scalability
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Stronger network performance
  • Safer cybersecurity protection
  • Better cloud services
  • Simpler pricing


1. Easier Scalability

As your business grows, it’s only natural that your technology demands will change, too. You may have to upgrade your network, data storage, implement a more robust cloud infrastructure to optimize and handle increased workloads, etc. Doing this on the fly can require high capital expenditures.


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Many business owners have been in the midst of celebrating growth, only to find that their technology is unequal to the task of handling the increased demands.

But with managed IT services, you can ensure that your technology will never fall behind your business’s needs. What’s more, the cost savings of having a technology roadmap and IT strategy in place so you can make the right investments far in advance can be significant.

Coupled with the productivity gains of not missing a beat as you onboard more clients, employees, etc., and you can see one of the biggest benefits of managed IT services: effortless, frictionless scaling.


2. Faster Issue Resolution

One of the biggest managed IT services advantages over having an in-house team is the wealth of resources that will be at your disposal.

Whereas an in-house worker or team will take vacations, call in sick, etc., your MSP team will always be there for your business, all year around. That includes after-hour remote monitoring, which is critical in preventing IT issues from going unaddressed and metastasizing into more severe obstacles.

In other words, one of the most important managed IT services benefits is availability; having IT support available whenever you need it, no matter the date or time.


3. Stronger Network Performance

Your business’s network is critical to keeping your workflow efficient and productive. IT issues can cause slowdowns or even bring your entire network to a halt, costing your business money and time.

But with proactive monitoring and consistent updating, you can rest assured that your business network is perfectly safe from these costly network downtime issues.

What’s more, your MSP will manage updates and implement improvements, ensuring your network is faster and more efficient than before. Network improvement can be one of the most valuable managed IT benefits, and is often a specialty of many IT service providers.


4. Safer Cybersecurity Protection

Many businesses erroneously believe that they are below the notice of cyber criminals. But the fact is that hackers are targeting small and medium-sized businesses with increasing regularity.

Managed IT Services Benefits

If your data is stolen or corrupted, this can lead to massive losses in time, productivity, and reputational damage. Many businesses simply never recover from these breaches and losses.

But your MSP will be able to implement a variety of IT services that will ensure your business won’t be vulnerable to these dangerous cyber attacks.

On top of the latest cybersecurity solutions, your business will also benefit from cybersecurity training for all staff and new hires. Your onboarding process will be optimized to ensure your business is secure even as you add on new staff. Get peace of mind that your business is safe from online attacks – that’s the managed services advantage.


5. Better Cloud Services

Many, many businesses are turning to the cloud to enhance their processes. A properly implemented cloud infrastructure can lead to your business being faster, able to automate a variety of tasks, more secure, able to access key online assets more easily, etc.

But while the benefits are many, most businesses lack the knowledge to take full advantage of all the cloud has to offer. Cloud computing and its superior speed and reliability, for instance, is often overlooked – but that won’t be the case with managed IT services. It’s one of the many managed IT benefits.


6. Simpler Pricing

Importance of Managed IT Services

IT issues fluctuate in regularity and severity. You may face days with no issues, only to have a flood of difficult and complex disruptions assail your business. When working with an IT support partner on an as-needed or break/fix basis, you’ll typically end up overspending during those times when IT issues are more frequent.

And when your business relies on pay-as-you-go IT support, your IT partner won’t have the comprehensive knowledge of your network needed to ensure that your issues are resolved at their roots; they may recur, even after initially solved.

A managed services provider will have the familiarity of your system they need to implement long-term fixes on top of specialized subject matter experts that can implement said solutions. All these resources and more will be provided to your business for a single cost-effective fixed monthly price, ensuring that your IT budget never gets out of control. This is especially important for small businesses that need day-to-day monitoring and management.

One of the managed services advantages that businesses most value is the safety of knowing that all your IT issues will be handled for a fixed price month to month. All this will be managed via a single point of contact: your dedicated account manager.


Get All These Managed IT Services Benefits With Kearns Technology

advantages of managed services

If your business relies on technology during its work processes, then you can leverage these managed IT benefits to help your business grow.

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